Its a first 

How do i even begin to introduce myself .Its me ,dah ;I know myself.Isnt it tiresome how you do have to market yourself nowdays?Dont get me wrong but i am more of a private person and i am so good at that .I am ignorant .Is that what you wanna hear?Nuh because we live in a world where perfection rules.I am ignorant btw..

Hillary clinton once said,”You do know people by their behaviours and not by the images they flash around.Images are distorted”.I am a big puzzle that i myself get surprised and stuck sometimes.

This blog however is a journey .A journey that i wanna solve some of life’s mysteries.Its gonna be fun and lit cause am real  dawg😎.I wanna contribute and impacts someones life .Be it through photography,fashion,love,books etc.Journey it with me🌱.

Diana Wangari Kiarie is my name.Oh and that hillary clint’s quote is a hoax😂.Am stupid .I know that fam,i know✌